About This Blog

As well as being a wife and mum I am also a writer. There isn’t too much time for writing though inside my wonderful bubble, at least at the moment while the children are this young so I decided to write this blog as the next best thing.
One of the first things I learnt when I first started to write was to ‘Write what you know’. So the real question is, what do I know?

First and foremost I know mothering and I know family life. I live it every day. So for one this blog will gradually be chock full to the brim with stories about my family with articles offering advice on managing a large families especially in mind.

Secondly I know food! In fact I think I feel more confident in the kitchen than anywhere else. I can cook anything from fancy meals (even slightly on the pretentious side I hate to add) to large budget meals for the family. So expect many favourite recipes popping up every now and then.

We have lots of pets so you may even be surprised to discover a pet article here and there with advice or maybe stories crammed full of pictures of my little ones.

There will be some personal blog entries along the way too I’m sure as my life is often up and down and it helps to write and knowing that others may be comforted by my posts is encouraging.

I know not everyone will find this blog enthralling and I won’t blame you if you roll your eyes and look the other way! But if just one person finds it interesting enough to use the information given or just enjoys the read with a cuppa, I’ll be a very happy blogger.

The mummy speck inside the enourmous bubble


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