Escape From Reality

I feel I need to internally live in a fantasy world at the moment. This is mostly impossible due to having five very grounding children that keep me in reality which I know is good for me. But there are fleeting moments and sometimes whole hours where I can enter into another realm of alternate realities, time travel, fantastical creatures, you name it and my escape has it.  Be it via a book or a movie or writing, the world of science fiction and fantasy is welcoming at my time of need. It lies in wait during my working day, ready to smother me with it’s wonders as soon as my mind opens to it.
There I enter and drink in the things that cannot possibly be. Pages full of wondrous ideas, gods and goddesses, dragons and unicorns. Scenes filling my television screen with romance and fancy illusions, dreamy fairytales, princesses and heroes.
I think with me it is a coping mechanism. It’s a way to get relief from hard times so that afterwards with renewed strength and optimism I am ready to face whatever comes my way. After a few things have been thrown at me recently – a spattering of relationship problems, a scattering of father issues plus a couple of sad pet tragedies – I retreat into that world, just a little. The truth is that sometimes it is less scary to be in a world with vampires, werewolves and spirits than be in reality, the harsh light of day. We all need an escape sometimes. Where do you go to escape?

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