Two for Joy

So you’re out for a walk soaking up the cool air, maybe even catching a few rays when you glance to the tree on your left and sitting on the branch is a magpie! Looking at you with mocking eyes it flies away as you frantically search for his friend, hoping with all your heart that there will be two for joy rather than one for sorrow.

Ok I’ll admit it, I’m a tad on the superstitious side. I actually love magpies, all birds in fact. They are beautiful graceful creatures and seem to talk to me in some way. But still when I see a lone magpie, my first thought is ‘aww how beautiful, I’m so blessed to be this close to a birdie’ followed swiftly by a tight heart and fluttering tummy and thoughts of ‘uh oh what now?’ so I whisper to him hello and ask how he is doing today. It’s the same routine every time I see one and believe me when I tell you they are everywhere!

Oddly perhaps they mostly by themselves. But not in the photograph taken above. Two magpies elegantly perched together. Two to comfort the superstitious part of my brain. Two for joy.


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