I Don’t Like Mondays….Tell me Why….

I’m sorry to be a negative Ninny first thing in the week but I really hate Mondays!

I hate the transition from ‘out-of-routine’ Saturdays and Sundays and I hate the 6 o’clock wake-ups. To be fair my weekend lay-ins are until 7:30 AM at the latest but that time is appreciated and savoured. Then it feels as if I’ve been torn out of the lazy weekend Abyss and thrown into the bright light of school uniform searching and lunchbox configuration and menu bloomin’ planning!

This is only a small bump in the weekday road of course. By tomorrow I will be into the week feeling on top of everything and level headed and all things ‘together’ but first I want to bask in the chaos and have my moan and groan as we British do best.

My toe stubbs hard

The foot of the bed

Teeth gritted

I fumble my way downstairs

I hunt for teabags

Green, black polka dot

I cannot care

Jars, packets launch themselves at me

Out flies the salt

Tiny crystals glitter the floor

Decide on coffee instead

Burns my tongue

Not once but three times

The roof of my mouth a bumpy terrain

I search each drawer

Laundry basket and floor

for just one pair of socks

A matching pair

Settle on the only hole-free pair I own

Canary yellow

Thick and woollen

As is my head

I leave to catch the bus

Three times

Left wallet

Then umbrella

Bus flies passed me

But not before, of course

It sends a torrent

Of muddy puddle water my way

I hate mondays


Won’t you please join me in my Monday moan and groan?


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